HPG is managed by a Chairman and Committee of its members and market professionals. Committee members are elected for a three-year term but others may be co-opted from time to time. Many committee members have distinguished themselves in law, accountancy, fund management and the insurance industry generally. There is an Executive Secretary to manage day-to-day business, who is the only one paid for his services, as the Chairman and Committee give their time free.


Lady Delves Broughton


Robert Daum

Chantal Davies

Lady Delves Broughton

David Hall Esq

David Harden Esq

Tim Jones Esq

Miss Barbara Schurer

Billy Whitbread

Vivian Wineman Esq

Miss Rachael Scarr-Hall

Robert Page

Andrew Palmer


Graham White Esq

Present by invitation

John Francis, Hampden Underwriting plc

David Monksfield, Argenta Private Capital Ltd

Emma Royds, Alpha Insurance Analysts Ltd

Charles Sturge, Chatset Ltd

Acting Executive Secretary

Charles Sturge